Pick & Mix: An Anthology

Edited by Mary Fuller
December 2011
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781846246357
103 pages, Illustrated
$22.50 Hardcover

This is a 'weekend book', a charming collection of reminiscences and short stories, together with snippets of favourite poems and works of classical literature. There are bon mots and witty cartoons by Boz, which are the icing on the cake. The book is written with verve by a 90-year-old-great-grandmother, and it is arranged in chapters that start in the past and end looking towards the future.

It also covers most things in between, from dress to politics and money, and from friendship to love and marriage... And it's not all sweetness and light, either. Scattered between thoughts on and portrayals of lifelong friendships and happ-ever-after love stories, in which Aristotle rubs shoulders with Kipling, Shakespeare and Ronald Reagan, there's also death and divorce, dirty dealings and betrayal. Intrigued? Then read on...



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