Object-Oriented Analysis & Design

By John Deacon
December 2004
Addison Wesley / Pearson Education Limited
ISBN: 0321263170
636 pages, Illustrated
$99.50 Paper Original

John Deacon's in-depth, highly pragmatic approach to object-oriented analysis and design, demonstrates how to lay the foundations for developing the best possible software. Students will learn how to ensure that analysis and design remain focused and productive. By working through the book, they will gain a solid working knowledge of best practices in software development.

The focus of the text is on typical development projects and technologies, showing exactly what the different development activities are, and emphasizing what they should and should not be trying to accomplish. This fresh, comprehensive examination of object-oriented analysis and design in the context of today's systems and technologies will be a valuable addition to the bookshelves of undergraduates and graduates on systems analysis and design courses.

Part 1- Introduction
1 Introduction
2 Three Models
3 Model Presentation and Packaging
Part 2- Analysis
4 Analysis
5 Analysis Inputs
6 The Subject Matter Model
7 Subject Matter Model: Further Aspects
8 Systems Analysis
Part 3- Design
9 Design
10 Design Inputs
11 The Object Type Model
12 The Technical Model
A References
B Thumbnail Sketch of Object Technology
D Glossary
E Summary of Practices and Principles

" Gives a modern interpretation of techniques - with valuable insights and suggestions, known only to folklore and newsnet, given prominence
" Three case studies: a criminal investigation support system providing the illustrations that support the text; a restaurant administration system providing the worked example that is developed throughout the book; and a third case study and worked example that is provided as a supplement - healthcare (general practice and clinics).
" Code examples are provided both as Java/C# and C++ " Several appendices provide summaries of key points and checklists for projects
" There is an author-hosted website to accompany this text, full of invaluable resources for both the student and the instructor.

The website is hosted at: http://www.booksites.net/deacon/ or http://www.johndeacon.net/books.asp. Please note that this is an external site over which Pearson Education has no control and cannot be held responsible for any content within the website

About the Author: John Deacon has over twenty years' teaching experience. He currently teaches commercial training courses in analysis and design and in object technology to organizations including CERN, the high-energy physics institute and creator of the web, as well as companies such as banks and telecommunication providers.

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