Word 2010

By Robin Noelle
September 2010
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273736141
267 pages, Illustrated
$34.50 Paper original

1. Top 10 Tips

a) Creating a new document

b) Using a template

c) Formatting the font

d) Using spell check

e) Tracking changes

f) Saving your document

g) Saving as …

h) Basic page layout for printing

i) Printing your document

j) Top Word keyboard shortcuts

2. Getting to Know Word

a) Installing and activating Microsoft Office

b) Opening Word

c) Exploring the Ribbon

d) Minimizing and Restoring the Ribbon

e) Using the Backstage Menu

f) Navigating Word

g) Navigating through a document

h) Zooming in and out of a document

i) Using full screen reading view

j) Viewing Print Layout

k) Viewing Web Layout

l) Locating the Quick Access menu

m) Finding the Help Menu

n) Finding targeted help on specific functions

o) Using Microsoft Office help online

3. Customizing with Word Options

a) Changing the author name for documents

b) Moving the Quick Access toolbar

c) Adding a command to the Quick Access toolbar

d) Setting the default font

e) Showing and hiding screen tips

f) Create custom tabs

g) Enabling Live Preview

h) Changing the Language of Word

i) Changing the color of Word

j) Showing and hiding proof marks

k) Printing graphics

l) Printing background colors and images

m) Printing document data

n) Changing Autocorrect options

o) Changing Correct Spelling options

p) Making exceptions for documents in Spell Check

q) Customizing Grammar and Style options

r) Creating and using a custom dictionary

s) Changing your default save options

t) Changing Autosave timing

u) Turning on AutoCorrect

v) Advanced Options

4. Creating Basic Documents

a) Creating a new document

b) Saving a document

c) Opening a document

d) Importing documents

e) Choosing a template

f) Changing the default template

g) Selecting text with the mouse

h) Selecting text with the keyboard

i) Finding specific text within a document

j) Replacing text

k) Copying text

l) Pasting text

m) Moving text

n) Deleting text

o) Changing the font

p) Changing the font size

q) Auto correcting spelling

r) Auto correcting capitalization

s) Adding and removing hyphenation

t) Adding symbols with AutoCorrect

u) Adding a signature line

5. Advanced Formatting for Documents

a) Applying a Style

b) Creating a Quick Style

c) Changing a Style

d) Adding and removing Quick Styles from the Gallery

e) Using the Format Painter

f) Changing horizontal alignment of text

g) Changing the vertical alignment of text

h) Centering the text

i) Adjusting the lines and spacing in a document

j) Wrapping text

k) Changing text spacing

l) Inserting paragraphs

m) Showing and hiding formatting symbols

n) Applying and removing highlighting

o) Changing text case

p) Adding sub and super-script

q) Using special characters

r) Using symbols and equations

s) Changing font colors

t) Formatting fonts: bold, italic, strikethrough and underlined

u) Adding borders and shading

v) Clearing formatting

6. Page Layout and Personalization

a) Viewing page margins

b) Setting page margins

c) Setting margins for facing pages

d) Setting tabs

e) Showing and hiding the ruler

f) Selecting page orientation

g) Creating a new template

h) Adding and removing page numbers

i) Adding columns

j) Inserting headers and footers

k) Adding a page break

l) Adding a section break

m) Adding and deleting pages

n) Creating an index

o) Creating a table of contents

p) Creating a bibliography

q) Adding files and objects

r) Using text boxes

s) Drop Case

t) Adding bookmarks

u) Changing the page color

7. Printing and Mail Merge

a) Adding a printer

b) Setting the default printer

c) Changing the print quality

d) Collating and printing specific pages

e) Printing a document

f) Printing to a file or PDF

g) Using Print Preview

h) Printing a landscape document

i) Printing a two-sided document

j) Canceling a print job

k) Printing a single label

l) Printing a sheet of the same labels

m) Printing a sheet of different labels

n) Printing a single envelope

o) Printing a series of envelopes

p) Using mail merge

q) Adding a recipient list

r) Managing a recipient list

s) Creating an email blast

8. Graphics and Photos

a) Adding SmartArt graphics

b) Adding or deleting SmartArt elements

c) Photo editing in Word

d) Inserting screenshots

e) Finding clip art

f) Adding clip art to your documents

g) Using the clip organizer

h) Adding captions

i) Positioning graphics

j) Resizing graphics

k) Working with autoshapes

l) Drawing lines and freeform shapes

m) Showing and hiding gridlines

n) Adding borders to documents or graphics

o) Adding and deleting WordArt

p) Adding effects to WordArt or Text

q) Visual text effects

r) Adding a watermark

9. Using Tables and Charts

a) Inserting a new table

b) Drawing a table

c) Adding and deleting rows

d) Changing cell height and width

e) Formatting cells

f) Merging and splitting

g) Sorting

h) Repeat headings

i) Copying and pasting cells

j) Converting text to a table

k) Importing excel spreadsheets

l) Displaying data as a chart or graph

m) Inserting a chart

n) Changing an existing chart

o) Selecting and formatting chart elements

p) Changing the size and position of a chart

q) Formatting chart elements

r) Adding and editing chart titles

s) Changing the vertical or horizontal axis of a chart or graph

10. Lists and Forms

a) Creating a bulleted or numbered list

b) Creating an outline or multilevel list

c) Turning automatic bullets on and off

d) Changing your bullet format

e) Using pictures or symbols in a list

f) Creating a checklist

g) Creating a checklist for use in Word

h) Adjusting list spacing

i) Combing lists

j) Alphabetizing lists

k) Creating a form for printing

l) Creating a form for use in Word

m) Protecting forms

n) Creating and using Building Blocks

11. Language, Research and Spelling

a) Checking spelling automatically

b) Changing autocorrect setting for spelling

c) Adding words to Spell Check

d) Selecting the preferred spelling of a word

e) Using the dictionary

f) Adding to the custom dictionary

g) Using exclusion dictionaries

h) Using foreign language dictionaries

i) Using the thesaurus

j) Using reference books

k) Translating text

l) Finding your word count

12. Collaboration

a) Simultaneous Co-authoring

b) Synching changes to coauthored documents

c) Turning on and off tracked changes

d) Tracking changes

e) Accepting and rejecting changes

f) Printing with tracked changes

g) Changing the author name for comments

h) Adding and deleting comments

i) Hiding and showing mark-ups

j) Comparing documents

k) Merging comments and changes

l) Protecting documents from changes

m) Setting a password for documents

n) Creating a read-only document

o) Sharing documents online

p) Creating a document workspace with Sharepoint

q) Checking a file in and out of SharePoint

r) Opening and editing documents in a Sharepoint Library

s) Saving a file to a SharePoint library

13. Office Mobile

a) Getting a Windows Live Account

b) Accessing Word on the Web

c) Viewing and navigating documents on the Web

d) Opening Documents

e) Saving Documents

f) Using Office Mobile on your Smart Phone

g) Viewing and navigating documents on your Smart Phone

h) Viewing shared documents from your Smart Phone

i) Opening Word files on your Smart Phone

j) Editing Word files on your Smart Phone

k) Emailing Word documents from your Smart Phone

l) Using additional features for touch screen phones

14. Creating Websites and Blogs

a) Creating a Web Page

b) Saving a document as a web page

c) Getting a blog account

d) Registering a blog account

e) Creating a blog post

f) Uploading and posting to a blog

g) Configure web options

h) Using HTML in Word

i) Inserting and removing hyperlinks

j) Following hyperlinks from within a document

k) Changing the address for a hyperlink

15. Top 10 Problems Solved

a) Solving version compatibility issues

b) Recovering lost files

c) Opening Works documents in Word

d) Unwanted symbols appearing in your document

e) A red X appears instead of an image or graphic

f) Correct text formatting issues when pasting from other documents

g) Fixing default line and spacing settings

h) Clearing the list of recently used files

i) Troubleshooting error messages

j) Troubleshooting frequent program crashes

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