Sport & PE: A Complete Guide
to Advanced Level Study
3rd edition

By Kevin Wesson
May 2005
Hodder Murray
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780340817018
865 pages, Illustrated, 8 x 10 3/4"
$77.50 paper original

Sport and PE: A Complete Guide to Advanced Level Study has established itself as an indispensable text for students of physical education.

The new edition includes a new 'signposting' system to help students identify information that is directly relevant to their exam board, providing all the benefits of a board-specific text with the advantage of the extra material that this comprehensive book provides. A new chapter on practical activities also features.

Featuring new full colour artworks and photographs, this is a book that no student of the subject can afford to be without.

Table of Contents:
Anatomy, Exercise Physiology and the Biomechanics of Human Movement
  1. An Analysis of Human Movement
  2. The Cardiovascular System – The Maintenance of Blood Supply
  3. The Respiratory System – Oxygen Supply and Transport
  4. Energy for Movement
  5. Fatigue and Recovery
  6. The Measurement of Fitness
  7. Training for Successful Performance
  8. Nutrition for Performance
  9. Biomechanics – The Mechanics of Motion
Historical, Social and Cultural Aspects
  10. Concepts of Physical Activity
  11. The Administration of Sport and Sporting Policies
  12. Levels of Performance – From Participation to Excellence
  13. Issues in the Modern Day Sports World
  14. International Sporting Competitions
  15. Cultural and Comparative Studies
  16. The Social History of Sport in the United Kingdom
  17. Historical Development of Physical Education
Psychological Aspects of Sport and PE
  18. The Nature of Skilled Performance
  19. The Principles of Learning
  20. Theories of Learning
  21. Information Processing
  22. Control of Movement, Motor Programmes and Schemas
  23. Turning Theory into Practice
  Individual Differences
  Motivation in Physical Education and Sport
  Social Influences and Performance
  Optimising Performance
Coursework and Research
  Practical Coursework
  Requirements and Assessment of the Written Investigation at AS and the Project at A2
  Observation, Analysis and Evaluation
  Developing the Research Problem and Using Relevant Literature
  The Results (A2)
  The Final Stages
  Synoptic Assessment
  Appendix 1. Project Examples
  Appendix 2a and b. Suggested Project Titles
  Appendix 3. Fitness Test Ratings
Exam Board Breakdown of Content

About the Author(s):
Kevin Wesson, Nesta Wiggins-James, Graham Thompson and Sue Hartigan are all experienced Senior Examiners and teach at Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges. They were all members of the development committee for a major exam board specification.

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