Studying Psychology
An Introduction to Exploring
& Understanding Human Behavior


By Dr. Peter Marshall
August 2002
Studymates Ltd.
ISBN: 1-84025-102-6
160 pages, Illustrated, 5 " x 8 "
$31.95 paperback

Psychology can be a truly bewildering subject of study - so many contradictory theories, so much factual knowledge to acquire. Where to begin? This Studymate makes a really great starting point for students new to the subject. Rather than just presenting lumps of psychological knowledge, it will teach you the skill of thinking like a psychologist.

What would a psychoanalyst say? How would a behaviourist see things? Would a humanist differ in approach? Never again will you be stuck for something worthwhile to say in a tutorial, or to add value to an essay. Whether you are an undergraduate, A-level student or open access student, this student-friendly companion will set you on the right path to thinking, talking and writing successfully about this fascinating subject.

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