In the Shadow of Caesar
An Historical Novel

By Anthony Horne
September 2008
Book Guild Publishing
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781846241482
368 pages
$39.95 Cloth


A historical work of fiction, meticulously researched and detailed, In the Shadow of Caesar takes us into the heart of Rome. From the blood on the battlefield and the arena to the debating and double- dealing in the senate. Young Lucius Cotta is the son of a senator who is condemned to die by the dictator Sulla.

Lucius knows that he and his family are in mortal danger and must flee the city. Years later Lucius sets down the story of his life. Readers 'travel' with him as a legionnaire, fighting in Asia, Spain and, finally, alongside his friend and mentor, the brilliant Julius Caesar in the savage campaign in Gaul.

Lucius is all too aware of the political in-fighting as the Republic in Rome splinters and as Caesar tries to achieve his destiny: to become first man in Rome. Lucius also knows that such a victory would come at a price, and the price he ends up paying is a high one.

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