Taxation, 14th edition
UK Finance Act 2008

By Alan Melville
January 2009
Prentice Hall
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781405873901
640 pages
$113.50 Paper Original

Taxation is the number one textbook on taxation in the UK. Now in its 14th annual edition, this excellent text has established itself as a reliable and comprehensive guide for students taking a first level course in the subject. This fourteenth edition brings the book completely up-to-date in accordance with the provisions of the Finance Act 2008.


1. Introduction to the UK tax system 2. Introduction to income tax 3. Personal allowances 4. Charges on income and other payments 5. Income from property 6. Investment income and miscellaneous income 7. Income from employment 8. Income from self-employment: Computation of income 9. Income from self-employment: Basis periods 10. Income from self-employment: Capital allowances 11. Income from self-employment: Trading losses 12. Income from self-employment: Partnerships 13. Pension schemes 14. Payment of income tax, surcharges, interest and penalties 15. National Insurance contributions

PART TWO: CAPITAL GAINS TAX 16. Introduction to capital gains tax 17. Computation of gains and losses   18. Chattels and wasting assets 19 Shares and securities (1) 20. Shares and securities (2) 21. Principal private residences 22. CGT reliefs

PART THREE: CORPORATION TAX 23. Introduction to corporation tax 24. Computation and payment of the corporation tax liability 25. Income tax and advance corporation tax 26. Corporation tax losses 27. Close companies and investment companies 28. Groups of companies and reorganisations

PART FOUR: MISCELLANEOUS 29. Value added tax (1) 30. Value added tax (2) 31. Inheritance tax 32. Overseas aspects of taxation Review questions (Set D)

PART FIVE: ANSWERS Answers to exercises Answers to review questions

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