People & Environment
A Global Approach

By Gareth Jones
December 2004
Longman / Pearson Education Limited
ISBN: 0582414121
304 Pages, 6 " x 9 "
$59.50 Paper Original

People and Physical Environment, A Global Approach provides an introduction to the main areas of environmental concern for geographers, environmental scientists and planners at the beginning of the twenty-first century. These include: Pollution of the atmosphere and its impact on our climate; The exploitation of the oceans; Management and supply of fresh water; Degradation of the land, and Biodiversity, and the need to maintain genetic diversity.

The book argues that our knowledge and understanding of the environment is now so great that we can predict with considerable accuracy where the skills of science and technology need to be focused in order to prevent severe environmental damage from occurring. Achieving successful management of the environment has become dependent upon active participation of a society prepared to pay for a high quality of life and the willingness of our elected politicians to legislate and enforce the very highest standards of environmental management. This book will be essential reading for students of geography, environmental studies/science and land use planners and will also contribute valuable information for climatology, biogeography, hydrology, land economy and forestry students.

Chapter 1 The Environment
Chapter 2 Changing Perceptions of the Environment
Chapter 3 Politics and the Management of the Environment
Chapter 4 The Atmosphere and the Environment
Chapter 5 Environmental (Mis-)Management of Fresh Water
Chapter 6 Managing the Oceans
Chapter 7 Land Degradation
Chapter 8 Why Retain Biodiversity?
Chapter 9 Looking Forward to the Next 100 Years

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