PC Operation & Repair
2nd edition

By K.F. Ibrahim
April 2002
Longman / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-582-45270-8
307 Pages, Illustrated
$69.50 paper original

Owing to the rapidly changing nature of PCs, this second edition of PC Operation and Repair has been revised and extended in order to continue its role as an essential guide for use with modern PCs. This edition provides a concise and comprehensive analysis of the operation, upgrading and repair of personal computer systems. It guides the reader logically from the computer numbering system and basic digital principles to the working, application and testing of PCs.

The latest techniques in computer architecture and design are covered - including the latest Pentium based computers. The book also provides a thorough explanation of the installation and configuration of complete PC systems including modems, CD-ROMs and DVD devices. For the second edition, new material has been added on networking, operating systems, peripheral devices and logic devices.

Features: accessible introduction, assuming no previous knowledge of the subject; a comprehensive introduction to testing and fault finding on PCs; extensive coverage of the latest Pentium based computers; practical and non-mathematical approach; text supported by exercises and multiple choice questions. New! Material on networking, windows, printers, scanners, DVD drives and LCD panels. New! More detail on ISDN and ADSL. New! Full glossary of terms

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