Care Planning: A Guide for Nurses, 2nd edition

By David Barrett, et al.
June 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780273746119
242 pages
$57.50 Paper Original


Being able to plan the care of patients is one of most important aspects of a nurse’s role. Using an interactive approach, this book explores the reasons why care planning is so important and explains the theory behind the practice, providing a step-by-step guide to assessing patients, diagnosing problems, planning goals and interventions, and evaluating progress.



Part 1 -. Care planning theory

Chapter 1 - Care planning in context

Chapter 2 - ASPIRE – The problem- solving approach to care delivery

Chapter 3 - Models of nursing and the Activities of Living Model

Chapter 4 - Orem’s Self-Care Model of Nursing

Chapter 5 - The Neuman Systems Model

Chapter 6 - Assessment tools

Chapter 7 - Organising care planning and delivery

Part 2 - Application to practice

Chapter 8 - Assessment

Chapter 9 - Systematic nursing diagnosis

Chapter 10 - Planning care

Chapter 11 - Implementation

Chapter 12 - Rechecking and evaluation

Appendix A - Suzy Clarke

Appendix B - George Brown

Appendix C - Shoaib Hameed


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