Dinosaur's Guide to Libertarianism


By: Godfrey Bloom
December 2014
Bretwalda Books
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781909698994
108 Pages
$20.95 Paper original


I have been called "a dinosaur' more times than I can remember - usually by some politcally correct policy wonk who can't be bothered to debate the issues and prefers to insult his opponents. Nothing wrong with dinosaurs. They dominated Earth for over 120 million years. Political correctness has managed 15 years so far. Classical liberalism and libertarianism is the only possible salvation for mankind, it looks to the future not the past.

This book is about why we are governed or certainly why we are governed in the hopelessly innefficient, corrput and incompetent way we are. It contains more questions than answers yet I make no apology for that. I believe in the English speaking world in the last hundred years we have stopped asking appropriate questions, without which we can never find answers, right or wrong.