Essential Guide to Coaching & Mentoring, 2nd edition

By: Judith Tolhurst
December 2010
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
Longman/Pearson Education
ISBN: 9781408241721
261 Pages, Illustrated
$42.50 Paper Original

Looking for new ways to use coaching and mentoring techniques for the benefit of staff and pupils in your school?

The Essential Guide to Coaching and Mentoring is the resource you need to help build a powerful leadership team in your school through accessible and practical strategies that really bring the principles of coaching to life for teaching professionals at every level.

This second edition of Judith Tolhurst’s coaching manual provides a lively introduction to using coaching with both staff and pupils in schools and will become a powerful learning tool to help build the leadership capacity of your staff and help your pupils become confident learners.

Steeped in real school settings and using current examples, case studies and coaching conversations, this book can advance your professional development by:



  • Coaching and its link to successful learners
  • Coaching and behaviour management, one-to-one level with pupils
  • Coaching and target setting in the core subjects
  • Using coaching techniques with specific age groups


Table of Contents

About the author

Publisher's acknowledgements

Author acknowledgements


Chapter 1  What is coaching?

Chapter 2  The essential skills of coaching

Chapter 3  The coaching process

Chapter 4  How to develop a coaching culture in your school

Chapter 5  Coaching to make a difference

Chapter 6  Coaching and performance management

Chapter 7  Coaching and middle leadership

Chapter 8  Coaching and strategic development

Chapter 9  Coaching the team

Chapter 10  Coaching and distributed leadership

Chapter 11  Using coaching and mentoring techniques with children


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