Foothold on Antarctica
The First International Expedition (1949-1952)
Through the Eyes of its Youngest Member

By Charles Swithinbank
December 1999
The Book Guild Ltd.
ISBN: 1-85776-406-4
260 pages, illustrated
$39.95 hardcover


In 1948 when Charles Swithinbank was still an undergraduate at Oxford, he applied to join the Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition. A year later, he was the youngest member of the expedition as he set out to spend two years in the splendid isolation of Antarctica. This is the human story of this great adventure, illustrated with 100 superb black & white photographs. The author went on to become an eminent glaciologist who has made a score of subsequent visits to Antarctica. Yet even after 50 years the thrill of this first expedition remains-a thrill that we can now share.

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