Editing, Storing & Sharing Your Digital Photographs

By Louis Benjamin
September 2011
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273744146
232 pages, Illustrated
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Top 10 digital photo-sharing tips

1 Choosing software? Some suggestions

2 Make your photos ready for sharing

3 Create a presence on the Web

4 Become app-savvy

5 Set your camera to name and number images for you

6 Don't delete images on your camera

7 Get better white balance

8 Share your hard drive with both Macs and PCs

9 Hard drives fail

10 Find out about copyright and creative commons

1 Think workflow: plan your process, choose your tools

Digital photography tasks

Dealing with lots of photos

Considering JPEG v. raw shooting

Scanned images are digital photos, too

Choosing between cataloguing and browsing

Considering pixel v. parametric editing

Considering sidecar metadata v. DNG

A look at Google Picasa 3

A look at Photoshop Elements 9

A look at Lightroom

A look at Photoshop

Adding functionality with plug-ins

Combining Photoshop with Lightroom

2 Shoot, transfer and scan

Set your camera for JPEG shooting

Set your camera for raw shooting

Organising and protecting your files

Transfer files with a card reader

Import with Picasa

Use Photo Downloader in Bridge

Set Photo Downloader to launch automatically

Specify where Lightroom stores its catalogue

Import images to Lightroom in expanded mode

Import images to Lightroom in compact mode

Download photos from your smartphone

A look at scanning with VueScan

Set your initial scanning preferences

Adjust the input settings

Adjust the output settings

Set preferences for scanning to TIFF

Name and number your scanned files automatically

Set preferences for scanning to JPEG

Preview, adjust and scan

3 Organise and browse: find your photos fast

Browse images in your operating system

Browse in Picasa

Use key elements of Bridge

Browse in Bridge

A look at the Library Module in Lightroom

Browse in Lightroom

Evaluate an image in Lightroom – the Loupe view

Evaluate an image in Lightroom – the Compare view

Evaluate and compare images in Bridge

Name files systematically

Use Batch Rename in Bridge

Rename files in Lightroom

Rename folders in Bridge or Lightroom

Create a new folder via Bridge

Add a folder to Lightroom

Synchronise Lightroom folders with those on your hard drive

Apply star ratings

Flag photos in Lightroom

Tag by faces in Picasa

Use map locations in Picasa

Filter in Bridge

Filter by text in Lightroom

Filter by attribute in Lightroom

Filter by metadata in Lightroom


4 Basic editing and image tuning

Edit photos with Picasa

Edit photos with Picasa – the Basic Fixes tab

Edit photos with Picasa – the Tuning tab

Edit photos with Picasa – the Effects tab

Use the Lightroom Develop module

Set preferences for Camera Raw

Use the Adobe Camera Raw interface

Use the adjustment tabs in Camera Raw

Use the White Balance tool

Crop or straighten an image in Lightroom

Crop an image or remove cropping in Camera Raw

Straighten an image in Camera Raw

Remove red-eye in Lightroom

Remove spots in Lightroom

Adjust exposure, recovery, fill light and so on in Camera Raw and Lightroom

Use Noise Reduction in Camera Raw or Lightroom

Convert to black and white in Lightroom or Camera Raw

Add post-crop vignetting and simulate film grain

Make variations with virtual copies in Lightroom

Use Develop presets in Lightroom

Considering Photoshop

Round-trip editing: edit files in both Lightroom and Photoshop

5 Prepare images for sharing

Export files from Lightroom

Export files from Picasa

Set up a slide show in Lightroom

Export a slide show from Lightroom

Save to PDF from Bridge

Create a movie in Picasa

Resample in Photoshop using Image Size

Use Smart Sharpen in Photoshop

Create Web and e-mail images in sRGB

Save as JPEG from Photoshop

Use Save for Web & devices in Photoshop

6 Make prints for sharing

Prepare for printing

Set up your display for the best results

Resize for printing in Photoshop

Print in Photoshop with Photoshop managing the colours

Edit and save Print Settings

Set pagelayout in Photoshop

Set colour management in Photoshop

Print in black and white from Photoshop

Use the Print module in Lightroom

7 Use online print services

Set up a Shutterfly account and upload photos

Order photo prints on Shutterfly

Create a photo mug on Shutterfly

Make a Blurb book

Create a business card at MOO

8 Share images via the Internet

Set Lightroom for streamlined e-mail attachments

A look at Tumblr

Set up a Tumblr account

Upload your first photo to Tumblr

Choose a theme and give your Tumblr blog a title

Navigate on Tumblr

Create additional Tumblr posts

Post with the Tumblr app

Network your Tumblr blog

Manage your Tumblr blog

Set up a Picasa Web Albums account and upload photos

Share photos with Picasa Web Albums

Put your photos on the map – literally – in Picasa or Picasa Web Albums

Use Panoramio: map-based social networking

Top 10 digital photo problems solved

1 Importing into Lightroom is confusing

2 Folders in Lightroom don't match what's on my computer

3 I can't see some of my photos in Lightroom

4 Double-clicking opens my photo in the wrong program

5 My prints look dark

6 My prints are coming out with a strong magenta cast

7 My matt paper prints are coming out oddly coloured and mottled

8 I'm getting a message about a missing colour profile in Photoshop

9 I'm getting a message about an embedded profile mismatch in Photoshop

10 How do I install colour profiles?

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