Combinational & Sequential Logic
A Hands-On Approach Using Programmable Logic
[Includes CD-ROM]

By Martin Rice
December 2001
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582431646
294 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$69.50 paper original


This text provides a guide to combinational and sequential logic, introducing students to the basic concepts then progressing to HND/first year undergraduate level. It has a highly practical emphasis, enabling the reader to simulate, build and test the circuits discussed in the text. Electronics Workbench files are provided for simulation, while easy-to-use XPLA software and specially designed hardware encourage the reader to build and test the circuits using programmable logic.

The text itself contains many self-assessment questions, complete with detailed answers, allowing students to test themselves as they learn. No previous experience of the topic is required and an abundance of practical examples helps students to apply the basic principles. The accompanying CD-ROM provides the XPLA development system software and Electronics Workbench files, as well as the Xilink Webpack development system and 'walkthrough'. Build-or-buy hardware for Programmable Logic experiments is also provided. Altogether, the text, software and hardware provide an interactive and stimulating teaching and learning resource. XPLA software is provided as part of the package.

1. Basic concepts
2. Boolean Algebra
3. Circuit Minimisation
4. "Off the shelf" combinational logic circuits
5. Flip-flops and Sequential Logic
6. Finite state machines
7. Programmable logic Devices Appendices
    A Circuit Diagram
    B Hardware Construction, Testing and Ordering
    C Software Installation
    D XPLA Schematic Editor
    E Appendix E- Use of the Xilinex Webpack CPLD development system

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