Henry VII, 3rd edition

By Roger Lockyer & Andrew Thrush
February 1997
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582209129
144 pages
$36.50 Hardcover

This study reassesses the policies of the founder of the Tudor dynasty and shows how Henry worked within existing traditions rather than breaking with the past. Every facet of the reign is considered including the nature of government - both at central and local level, financial policy, relations with the Church, foreign policy, economic affairs and concludes by assessing Henry as a 'new monarch'.

Editorial foreword. Note on Referencing System. Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the third edition. Acknowledgements.

Part One:
The background. 1. The Yorkist Inheritance. 2. Yorkist financial administration.

Part Two
3. The new king. 4. HenryVII: The royal finances. 5. Central Government. 6. Regional Government. 7. Henry VII: Great Councils and Parliaments. 8. The church. 9. The economy. 10. Henry VII: Foreign policy.

Part Three: Assessment
11. Conclusion.

Part Four:
Documents. Genealogy. Chronological summary. Bibliography. Index.

Features * virtually rewritten to incorporate the latest research findings * concise and authoritative study - there is no other comprehensive study of the reign of Henry VII of this length * a chronological outline of events helps to place the events in their context * comprehensive bibliography provides a guide for further reading

Review 'Henry VII is an elegant volume...Its great merit lies in its clear and concise survey of the debates over Henry VII's methods of government, to which the results of recent work on the legal, financial and conciliar systems have been added.' History Today (of the Second Edition)

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