Children & Society

By Malcolm Hill & Kay Tisdall
October 1997
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582294924
368 pages
$72.50 Paper Original

Provides a comprehensive overview of the issues, research and debates relating to children and the experience of childhood in late twentieth century Britain. This volume will address key issues such as juvenile crime, poverty, child protection and children's rights and their implications for the development of policy and services for children. Presents first hand accounts from children and parents.

Preface. Foreword. Acknowledgements. 1. Children's Lives in Social Context. 2. Children's Rights. 3. Children's Needs. 4. Children's Family Relationships. 5. Children's Peer Relationships, Activities and Cultures. 6. The Schooling of Children. 7. Children and Health. 8. Adequate Standard of Living. 9. Children who Commit Crimes. 10. Child Abuse and Child Protection. 11. Separated Children. 12. Children's Lives: Re-evaluating Concepts and Policies. References. Appendix 1. Index

" Adopts a multi-disciplinary approach. " Provides a sound introduction to, and critical analysis of the key issues affecting children, with suggestions for further reading. " Considers children both as a social group and as differentiated by such characteristics as age, gender, ethnicity, class and disability. " Traces the increasing prominence of children's rights in the 1990s. " Presents vivid first hand accounts of children's experience in modern Britain.

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