Biology, 3rd Edition

By David Applin
July 2002
Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 0-7487-6241-8
460 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11"
$45.50 Paper Original

Ideal for most middle ability students with enough material for high achievers, including an in-depth content for Separate Science specifications to give the best preparation for students continuing for Advanced Level. Explicit differentiation with built-in flexibility for Single/Double Science and Separate Science in each textbook. Clearly written in an informative style by leading authors as a resource for your GCSE course, with attractive, functional full-color photographs and effective diagrams.

Extension Files designed for photocopying expand the scope and benefits of each text book and include a Teachers Guide, Activities, Assignments and a CD-ROM. Additional support for this leading series is available through our website.

Contents: Preface. Variety and classification. Ecology. Populations. Insects and humans. Food production. Air pollution. Water pollution. Conservation. The cell. The chemicals of life. Photosynthesis and mineral nutrition. Transport and water relations. Hormonal control of plant growth. Nutrition. Respiration. Circulation and transport. Responses and coordination. Support and movement. Disease. Outlines of reproduction. Plant reproduction. Human reproduction. Inheritance and genetics. Biotechnology. Genes and the environment. Evolution. Index.

Key Science

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