English Police, 2nd edition
A Political & Social History

By Clive Emsley
September 1996
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582257689
304 pages
$49.50 Paper Original


A comprehensive history of policing from the eighteenth century onwards, which draws on largely unused police archives. Clive Emsley addresses all the major issues of debate; he explores the impact of legislation and policy at both national and local levels, and considers the claim that the English police were non-political and free from political control. In the final section, he looks at the changing experience of police life. Established as a standard introduction to the subject on its first appearance, the Second Edition has been substantially revised and is now published under the Longman imprint for the first time.

Introduction 1. Policing before the police 2. The coming of the police 3. A police for Victorian England 4. Policing in Victorian England 5. Professionalisation, politics and public order 6. War, mutiny and peace 7. Policing mid-twentieth century England 8. Local bobby or state lackey? 9. A life in the force 10. The policeman as a worker Conclusion: Constabulary, Gendarmerie and Haute Police Appendices Bibliographical note Index

Features " Addresses all the major issues of debate. " Explores the impact of legislation and policy at both national and local levels.

Review 'Set to become the new student text. Here is a historian whose knowledge of English policing history over the whole of the period is second to none.'
British Journal of Criminology

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