Economics Annual Update 2015


Economics Annual Update 2015

By: Peter Davis
May 2015
Hodder Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781471833434
88 Pages, Illustrated
$23.50 Hardcover


Featuring information, data, case studies and analysis of recent economic events, the Economics Annual Update 2015 provides you with topical material to draw on for tasks throughout your course, and for answering examination questions. Written by an experienced teacher and examiner, this is the book you need if you are aiming for the highest grades at AS and A2 Economics.

- Up-to-date case study examples with data to help you develop your knowledge and improve your exam answers

- Linked to the Edexcel, OCR and AQA Economics specifications, with exam-type questions at the end of each chapter

- Includes a good balance of microeconomic and macroeconomic content

- Written for both AS and A2 students

Contents list

Chapter 1: The German beer cartel: what happened and why did it break down?

Chapter 2: Help to Buy: are we creating another housing bubble?

Chapter 3: High Speed 2: do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Chapter 4: African development: what is causing and constraining growth?

Chapter 5: Scottish independence referendum: what were the economic issues?

Chapter 6: Latin American economies: growth, world cups and defaults

Chapter 7: Payday loan regulation: will consumers be better off?

Chapter 8: Egypt's fuel subsidy cut: a necessary reform?

Chapter 9: the Eurozone: what problems remain?

Chapter 10: Gold prices: what comes up must come down

Chapter 11: Briefing on the UK Economy (including Economic data analysis)