Windows 8 for the Over 50's

By Joli Ballew
February 2013
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273784166
208 pages, Illustrated
$37.50 Paper Original

Top 10 Windows 8 Tips for the Over 50s

1. Shut Down Windows

2. Turn Live Tiles Off or On

3. Move Among Apps Quickly

4. Make icons easier to see in File Explorer

5. Back up data quickly and easily

6. Connect to a Free Wireless Hot Spot

7. Pin a Website to the Start Screen

8. Email a Photo

9. Install a digital camera, web cam, or smart phone

10. Install Anti-Virus Software

1 Learn Windows 8 Basics

2 Make Windows 8 Easier to Use, See, and Navigate

3 Use Apps to Be More Efficient

4 Use desktop Applications

5 Locate and Manage the Data you keep and Acquire

6 Join Networks and Connect to the Internet

7 Surf the Web with Internet Explorer

8 Set up and Use Mail

9 Stay in Touch with Others

10 View, Navigate, and Share Photos

11 View, Manage, and Listen to Music and Media

12 Install hardware and software

13 Secure Windows 8

Top Ten Windows 8 Problems Solved

1. I want to change what happens when I connect something or insert a CD or DVD

2. My computer keeps going to sleep and I don’t want it to

3. I’ve tried and tried, but I still can get my new hardware device to install

4. My computer seems to be running slowly or I’ve seen a message that I’m running out of disk space

5. I’ve installed lots of apps and I don’t want them anymore (or I have one that just doesn’t work)

6. I have desktop programs I never use or just don’t work

7. My computer takes a long time to boot up, or, it seems to run slower than it should

8. My computer is really messed up, and I think I should just reinstall it, but I don’t want to start completely over

9. I’m going to sell or give away my computer and I need to return it to factory settings, or, refreshing the PC did not resolve my problems

10. I need to fix a minor problem, how do I use System Restore?

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