Medicine & Health Through Time

By Ian Dawson
December 2009
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9780340986707
224 pages, Illustrated
$42.50 Paper original

The series: SHP Smarter History is the new approach to GCSE from the Schools History Project. It offers interesting lessons and comprehensive content plus step by step coaching in exam skills – using SHP’s Exam Buster approach. This is the best of both worlds from the experts who know what good teaching is about and also know what the SHP specifications are all about.

SHP Edexcel Medicine and Health, is a new course book for students taking the Edexcel Medicine development study. It covers all the relevant requirements of the Edexcel specification - both the Unit 1 development study and the Unit 3 Surgery Source Enquiry - but delivers them in the context of a motivating, enquiry led approach to ensure that your courses are interesting and motivating to teach yet still deliver good results for your students.

Exam Busters
At every relevant stage through the book there are 'ExamBuster' features ('Meet the Examiner' and 'Smarter Revision') that help blend exam preparation with historical learning so that by the end of the course students understand not only the period and its issues but also how they will be expected to think and write about this for the examination.

Why choose Smarter History?
- it offers varied pace and style of learning which is essential to keep your students motivated over a long period.
- it provides engaging exam preparation techniques that have been thoroughly trialled in real schools with real pupils
- it is written by experienced teachers who know how to keep pupils motivated rather than by remote examiners
- a strong sense of overview using Medical Moments in Time spreads showing key medical features of 200AD, 1348, 1665, 1848 and 1935.
- it is backed by the leading curriculum development body for history - the Schools History Project - who are the architects of the SHP approach and the SHP specifications
- it has a strong visual design, increasing the accessibility of the material.
- SHP provide a training programme - a national conference plus regional inset - to support you as you introduce this course in your school.
- the book has a comprehensive teacher's book and digital support (see Dynamic Learning below)

Dynamic Learning

This course is supported by Dynamic Learning Resources which provide digital activities for the whiteboard or computer network: 
1 People and Periods – ISBN 9780340946718  and 
2 Review and revise ISBN 9780340946725
already available. 



Table of Contents:
Part 1 – the development study
1. Introduction
2. The Big Story of Medicine
3. Period Study: From the Romans to 1350 (Extension study)
4. Thematic study 1: What did they think caused disease 1350-present?
5. Thematic study 2: How did they try to prevent diseases? Public health 1350-present (Extension study)
6. Thematic study 3: How did they help people get better? Treatment, training and knowledge 1350-present.
7. Review of key themes, factors and concepts
Part 2 – the source enquiry
8. 'The mystery of the missing statue'. A source enquiry into surgery 1840-1918 (Edexcel’s source investigation)

About the Author(s):
Ian Dawson, Publications Director of the Schools History Project.


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