Beautiful Babies, Fabulous Families, Wonderful World

By Belinda Barnes
December 2009
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780954593360
422 pages
$42.50 Paper original


Today's world of increasing environmental chemical pollution and commercial food processing, subtle chemical toxicities and nutritional deficiencies places many pregnancies at a disadvantage from their onsets. Addressing these issues in a comprehensive fashion, Foresight's results speak for themselves in terms of healthy and bright infants being born after a full term pregnancy --Harold Buttram M.D.

Whether you have had trouble conceiving or miscarriages or just want the best for your future off-spring, this book is for you --Anne Wynne-Simmons, Medical Doctor and former Head of Children's Dept. The Royal London Homeopathie Hospital

Product Description

This is a wonderful book for those who wish to have healthy pregnancies and healthy children. For the past 30 years 'Nim' Barnes has been running Foresight, the organisation she founded to help parents. In a practical, chatty, accessible style this book conveys her enthusiasm, passion and experience. While soundly based on nutrition, the book explores other areas like hidden infection and electromagnetic pollution.


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