Social Networking for the Over 50s

By Thomas Myer
March 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780273761765
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
214 pages, Illustrated
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Top 10 Social Networking Tips for the Over 50s

1 Set up a Twitter account

2 Tweet!

3 Tweet a reply to a specific person

4 Use a Twitter hashtag

5 Set up a Facebook account

6 Share what you're doing on Facebook

7 Share photos on Facebook

8 Share videos on Facebook

9 Start blogging with Tumblr

10 Introduction to Google+

1. Getting Started With Social Media

Who uses social media?

Why participate in social media?

Is social media ‘viral’?

Privacy and security concerns

Finding your friends and colleagues on social media

Using social media to meet new friends

Using social media to follow a hobby or passion

Using social media to organise people for a cause or movement

Using social media to promote a business

2. Twitter

Set up a Twitter account


Tweet a reply to a specific person

Use a Twitter hashtag

Finding friends on Twitter

Using Twitter search

Sending a direct message

Installing Tweetdeck

Using Twitter on an iPhone

3. Facebook Basics

Set up a Facebook account

Adding a bio

Uploading a profile picture

Finding friends on Facebook

Share what you're doing on Facebook

Adding a comment to a friend’s Facebook status

Viewing a friend’s profile

Friending someone on Facebook

Liking on Facebook

Share photos on Facebook

Share videos on Facebook

Share links on Facebook

Tagging people on Facebook

4. Advanced Facebook

Using the notes feature to ‘blog’ on Facebook

Asking a question on Facebook

Posting to someone’s wall

Tagging someone in a post or a comment

Sending a private message

Creating an event on Facebook

Liking a fan page

Telling others about a fan page

Facebook on your iPhone

5. Google+

Getting to know Google+

Sharing on Google+

Sharing a photo on Google+

Sharing a photo album on Google+

Viewing photos from your circle on Google+

Sharing a video on Google+

Adding comments on Google+

Adding a +1 on Google+

Muting a post on Google+

Sharing on Google+

Restrict sharing on Google+

Working with circles in Google+

Notifications in Google+

Viewing a specific stream on Google+

Viewing your own profile on Google+

Starting a hangout on Google+

Sparks on Google+

Your Google+ settings

6. Blogging

Starting your own blog

Finding quality blogs

Before you start a blog

Nine ideas for keeping your blog going

Start blogging with Tumblr

Start blogging with Posterous

Start blogging with Blogger

Start blogging with

7. Photos and Video

Introduction to Flickr

Create a Flickr account

Upload an image to Flickr

Organise images into sets

Search for images

Connect with people on Flickr

Introduction to Instagram

Downloading the application

Taking a picture with Instagram

Finding friends on Instagram

Introduction to YouTube

Searching for and watching videos on YouTube

Signing up for YouTube

Uploading your first video

Subscribing to a channel on YouTube

Introduction to Vimeo

Signing up for Vimeo

Uploading a video

Exploring Vimeo

8. Music

Introduction to

Starting a profile

Get music recommendations from

Downloading the Scrobbler

Adding favourite artists to manually

Listening to music on

Seeing recommended music on

Introduction to

Signing up for

Searching for a song on

Blipping a song

Introduction to Spotify

Getting a Spotify account

Installing Spotify

Importing your music to Spotify

Playing a song on Spotify

Seeing an artist’s playlist

Seeing all songs on an album

Starring songs

Creating and sharing playlists on Spotify

Finding Facebook friends on Spotify

9. Location-based services

Downloading Gowalla

Checking in to a location

About Me in Gowalla

Finding friends on Gowalla

Introduction to Foursquare

Downloading the app

Checking in to a location

Using Foursquare to explore

Using Facebook check-ins

Using Google+ check-ins

10. Fun social websites to try out




Friends Reunited


The Hotlist





Top 10 Social Networking Problems Solved

1 Privacy issues

2 Security issues

3 Oversharing

4 Inauthenticity

5 Friending too many people

6 Friending too few people

7 Trolls

8 Forgetting the social part of social media

9 Getting distracted by too much social media

10 Not participating enough in social media



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