More Than the Soil
Rural Change in SE Asia

By Jonathan Rigg
Nov 2000
Pearson Education / Longman
ISBN: 0582382114
200 pages, Illustrated
$69.50 Paper original

More than the Soil focuses on the social, cultural, economic and technological processes that have transformed rural areas of Southeast Asia. The underlying premise is that rural lives and livelihoods in this region have undergone fundamental change. No longer can we assume that rural livelihoods are founded on agriculture; nor can we assume that people envisage their futures in terms of farming.

The inter-penetration of the rural and urban, and the degree to which rural people migrate between rural and urban areas, and shift from agriculture to non-agriculture, raises fundamental questions about how we conceptualize the rural Southeast Asia and the households to be found there.

1. Rural Southeast Asia and the Global Context
2. Recasting the 'Agrarian Question'
3. Delineating the Rural Past
4. Imagining the Future
5. Diversifying Livelihoods
6. Hybrid Households
7. Agriculture's Place in a Diversifying Economy; Rural Industry and the Farmers in the City; the End of the Rural?
8. Ordinary Lives in a Global World

• With the growing emphasis on globalization the Third World is of increasing importance to contemporary geographical teaching and study. Global Village reflects this change of emphasis.
• Focuses on the social, cultural, economic and technological processes that have transformed the rural areas of the developing world.
• Rigg not only provides a much more comprehensive treatment of rural societies, he also challenges the traditional assumption that rural = agricultural, a groundbreaking and radical approach

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