Ethics Through Christianity, 2nd edition

By Lorraine Abbott
December 2009
Hodder Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780340984123
140 pages, Illustrated
$35.00 Paper Original

This successful textbook for OCR Ethics has been re-editioned to support the 2009 OCR GCSE Religious Studies B specification.

It can be used to deliver the short course for OCR GCSE RS B in ethics. It delivers the course through Christianity only, and therefore provides an in depth look at the issues in question.

The book has a range of activities to engage the students; from key questions, discussion points, research tasks, extension activities to exam questions. Personal accounts of beliefs and experiences intersperse the main text to allow students to relate to the material they are reading.

Each unit is summarised in the form of revision 'cards' to give students a 'snapshot look' at what they have just learned and need to learn for the exam.

This book can be combined with Philosophy through Christianity for OCR B GCSE Religious Studies: Second Edition to provide support for the full course.

Table of Contents:
About the Exam
About the Book
Topic 1 Christianity and Human Relationships
Christian beliefs about sexual relationships and contraception
Christian marriage ceremonies
Christian responses to civil partnerships
Christian beliefs about divorce and remarriage
The roles of men and women in a Christian family
The roles of men and women in the Church family
Let’s revise
Topic 2 Christianity and Medical Ethics
The sanctity of life
Christian attitudes towards abortion
Christian responses to issues raised by fertility treatment
Christian responses to issues raised by cloning
Christian attitudes towards euthanasia and suicide
Christian beliefs about the use of animals in medical research
Let’s revise
Topic 3 Christianity, Poverty and Wealth
Christian views on wealth
Some of the causes of hunger, poverty and disease
Christian responses to the needs of the starving, poor and sick
Biblical teaching about caring for others
Different ways Christian charity is put into practice
Christian teaching about the use of money
Giving to charity
Christian teaching about moral and immoral occupations
Let’s revise
Topic 4 Christianity, Peace and Justice
The Just War theory
Christian attitudes towards war
Christian attitudes towards the use of violence and pacifism
The Christian concept of justice
Crime and punishment
Christian beliefs about and responses to social injustice
Let’s revise
Topic 5 Christianity and Equality
The biblical teaching about equality
Christian attitudes towards other religions
Christian attitudes towards racism
Christian attitudes towards gender
The role of women in Christian society
Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Let’s revise
Topic 6 Christianity and the Media
The different forms of media and their influence
in the media
Responses and attitudes towards films, books and comics which focus on religious or philosophical messages
The way Christianity uses the media
Censorship and freedom of speech
Christian beliefs and attitudes towards the portrayal of sex and violence
Let’s revise


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