Energy Equation
How to be a Top Performer Without Burning Yourself Out

By Daniel Browne
February 2013
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273776017
198 pages, Illustrated
$33.50 Paper Original

Energy is the fuel that drives you.

The Energy Equation explains how we all have the potential to get 15-19 hours of fully-energised waking hours from our day, and shows us just how to achieve it.

It determines the speed at which you get things done, the results you achieve, your ability to maintain peak performance and how successful you are.

Drawing on both the latest scientific research and ancient wisdom, The Energy Equation delivers a set of powerful techniques you can put to work to maximise that vital fuel.

This book holds the key to greater vitality, heightened performance and powerful achievement. It shows you how to achieve a life with more energy, less stress, massively improved productivity and lots more time for you.


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Chapter 1 The energy cycle

Chapter 2 The energy equation - E is for energy

Chapter 3 Into the resistance - letting go of stress

Chapter 4 Super sleep

Chapter 5 Releasing the brakes - using the power of thought

Chapter 6 Ten steps to creating a great day

Chapter 7 Getting deeper

Chapter 8 The power of perspective

Chapter 9 Let’s get practical - systems and structures

Chapter 10 The element of time

Chapter 11 A whole new world

Chapter 12 Final words


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