Caesar's Church
The Irrational in Science and Philosophy

By Benjamin Walker
December 2001
The Book Guild Ltd.
ISBN: 1-85776-625-3
299 pages
$36.50 hardcover

Since the dawn of scientific enquiry, the worlds of science and philosophy have been closely interlinked. From Plato and Archimedes in antiquity, to the Renaissance and Enlightenment eras, thinkers have combined science and theology within their studies explaining how and why things occurred. For those that believe that the infinite complexities and uncertainties of nature cannot be completely understood through a solely scientific approach, Caesar's Church provides an insight into the ever changing boundaries between science and philosophy. No expert knowledge of either science or philosophy is needed as this book is aimed at both the general reader and those with a more academic outlook.

About the author:
Benjamin Walker was born in Calcutta where he was educated at St. Xavier's Colege and the Calcutta Post-Graduate University College. He spent over 15 years as a Diplomatic Officer in the Indian Foreign Service. He was joint editor of the international quarterly magazine Asia and is the author of over a dozen books including Hindu World, Sex and the Supernatural and The Encyclopaedia of Esoteric Man. He and his wife live in Middlesex.

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