Real Ales for the Home Brewer, 2nd edition


By: Marc Ollossen
January 2015
Amateur Winemaker Books
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781854862693
166 Pages
$17.95 Paper original


In this book you will find many homebrew recipes which will allow you, the craft brewer, to make superb real ales at a fraction of the price of those that are commercially available. With easy-to-follow instructions, both beginners and seasoned mashers can quickly start brewing classics such as Flowers Original Bitter, Belhaven Sixty Shilling Ale, Whitbread Best Bitter, Castle Eden Ale, Wadworth 6X and Marston Moor Porter. All the recipes are based on information supplied by the breweries which, combined with your own skill and quality ingredients from specialist homebrew suppliers, will virtually guarantee superb resulting ales.