Motherhood in Taiwan

By Maria Hebga-Tehuti
October 2011
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846245510
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
74 pages
$22.50 Hardcover

Maria Hebga-Tehuti is a 'citizen of the world'. Born in Vienna to Cameroonian parents, she was raised between Austria, Africa and France, before settling as a young woman in London. Yet her itinerant upbringing had instilled in her a nomadic wanderlust, her self-confessed 'Itchy Feet Syndrome'. After meeting her husband-to-be in the English capital, she yearned to 'continue her growth under a new sky'. Their destination was Taiwan, the largest island in the Republic of China. Here, with no knowledge of the language and little comprehension of what lay ahead, they would live, work and raise their new family.

Motherhood in Taiwan recounts their story, exploring and analysing the couple's various encounters with the Taiwanese people, their customs and traditions. It also offers a deeply personal and heart-warming account of one woman's first experience of motherhood. Part travelogue, part memoir and part self-help guide for soon-to-be parents, it brings to life an exciting and often surprising chapter in one family's journey of a lifetime?

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