English Fiction of the Early
Modern Period

By Douglas Hewitt
March 1989
Pearson Education
ISBN: 058249284X
288 pages
$62.50 Paper Original


This is an ambitious and fascinating analysis of early Twentieth-Century English literature from Kipling, Conrad, Lawrence and Forster through figures like Joyce and Woolf to writers such as Evelyn Waugh. There are chapters on the younger writers of the age as well as the more popular minor writers like Buchan and Dornford Yates.


1. Surviving giants - Hardy and James. 2. Joseph Conrad and the politics of power. 3. Rudyard Kipling - Imperial responsibility and literary escape. 4. E.M. Forster - The proclamations of the liberal agnostic. 5. Fictional politics and some minor forms; Arnold Bennett on the Pentonville omnibus. 6. Virginia Woolf and the search for essences; Modernism and its implications. 7. James Joyce, the professors and the common reader. 8. The reading public and the rise of a profession. 9. D. H. Lawrence - Our Bert versus our Lorenzo; the 1930s - an aftermath. Notes on biography Major works and criticism

"Likeable...engagingly abrasive and edgy." Times Educational Supplement

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