Grow & Cook

By Brian Tucker
September 2008
Good Life Press
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781904871361
160 pages, Illustrated.
$25.00 paper original

An apprentice gardener just after the war, Brian Tucker learnt the delights of growing his own veg when rationing was still in place and gardens were turned over for food production - not for a hobby but as an essential part of post-war austerity

As passionate about his vegetables as he is about cooking, he keeps his advice on planting simpler and his recipes easy to follow, making this an ideal introduction for anyone wanting to plant, pick and cook their own food. With the conscious decision made by many families to "shop local" and cut down their food miles, together with the desire to grow their own food, Brian's simple approach will encourage anyone who wants to grow their own food to have a go.

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