Soviet Union 1917-1991
2nd edition

By Martin McCauley
May 1993
Pearson Education / Longman
ISBN: 0582013232
440 pages
$57.50 Paper original

A second edition of this famous survey has been eagerly awaited. When the first edition appeared Brezhnev was still in power, Gorbachev did not make it to the index, and the USSR was a superpower.

Today the Soviet experiment is over and the USSR no longer exists. How? Why? Martin McCauley has reworked and greatly expanded his book to answer these questions, and to provide a complete account of the Soviet years. Essential reading to an appreciation of recent history -- and to a better understanding of whatever happens next.

1. Revolution.
2. The New Economic Policy.
3. The Thirties.
4. The Great Fatherland War.
5. The Last Years of Stalin.
6. The Khrushchev Era.
7. The Brezhnev Era.
Selected Bibliography.

• Surveys political, social, economic and religious aspects.
• Fully revised to include recent developments up to the fall of the Soviet Union.

'... first choice as a start-to-finish account of the Soviet Union.'
Daily Mail

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