A Life With Cerebral Palsy


By Mark Stewart-Jones
October 2009
Book Guild
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781846242939
233 pages
$26.50 paper original

Sophie has cerebral palsy. She was born with no verbal communication, virtually no physical movement and, according to the "experts", little or no chance of developing cognitive intelligence. Yet, for Sophie's father - novelist and former journalist Mark Stewart-Jones - it is a new beginning, the start of a remarkable journey that will change his and Sophie's lives for ever.

From the moment Sophie enters the world, father and daughter form a profound bond, unspoken yet unshakable. Together, against all medical evidence and received wisdom, they set about proving the rest of the world wrong. The results are extraordinary and unprecedented.

Told in alternating chronologies, Daughter pieces together the puzzle of Sophie's inner life and it is an uplifting story of love, hope, resilience and undying love.

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