Practical Exercises for New
CLAIT 2006 Using Office XP
[Includes CD ROM]

By Jackie Sherman
December 2006
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc.
Pearson / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780131743915
270 Pages, Illustrated, 7 1/2 x 9 3/4"
$42.50 paper original

CLAIT (Computer Literacy and Information Technology) is one of UK’s most popular IT user qualifications. Its suite of modules has been designed to be flexible, relevant and progressive, providing a single coherent learning pathway that is suitable for IT users everywhere.

CLAIT 2006 consists of units which can be entered individually, as part of a nationally recognised IT user award, or in any combination appropriate to the needs of the learner. New units address skills in presentation software and Internet skills and existing units have been updated to reflect the skills needed in the modern workplace, providing objective proof that you have achieved a standard of competence in the most common business applications. Passing CLAIT will improve your computing skills in all of the areas you choose to focus on – and allow you to prove it to current and prospective employers.

Fully updated to cover the CLAIT 2006 syllabus, Practical Exercises for New CLAIT 2006 using Microsoft Office XP & 2003 provides you with a series of structured questions and exercises for each of the modules that make up the CLAIT certification. Every question and exercise in the book has been designed to allow you to assess your progress and learning and help you prepare for – AND PASS – the CLAIT exam with confidence.

Features include:

·         Exercises increase in complexity throughout each unit, enabling you to assess your current level of knowledge and to gradually build up all the skills and knowledge needed to pass the exam.

·         A checklist before each exercise or set of exercises outlines the skills required in order to be able to complete the exercise successfully.

·         Each exercise is cross-referenced back to the CLAIT 2006 syllabus.

·         Model answers help you to check your work.

·         The exercises are progressive and follow a logical order, enabling students to work through them at their own pace.

·         Covers Microsoft Office XP and Office 2003.

About the Author

Jackie Sherman has been involved in teaching and assessing IT courses at FE Colleges since 1996. She also trains staff in an education department and writes courses for distance learning colleges. Her online activities include involvement with the National Tutor Database for LearnDirect. Jackie is CLAIT qualified and the author of several successful IT books.

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