Ceserani & Kinton's
The Theory of Catering

11th Edition [Includes CD-ROM]

Edited By David Foskett& Victor Ceserani
September 2007
Hodder Murray
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780340939260
717 Pages, Illustrated, 7 1/2" x 9 3/4"
$72.50 paper original

Ceserani and Kinton's The Theory of Catering is a core text for every hospitality and catering student, delivering a comprehensive overview of the industry as a whole and presenting the theory necessary for competent professional practice. The content follows the food chain through its natural path, from commodity and its science, through delivery from the supplier, storage, preparation and production, to final service to the waiting customer.

First published in 1964, this latest 11th edition has been comprehensively revised to reflect changes in the industry, including the new hygiene standards introduced in January 2006 and up-to-date information on the new licensing laws. The content continues to be divided into six parts covering, in turn: the hospitality industry as a whole, including current influences and trends; food commodities, nutrition and science; planning, production and service; organisation and business development; and legislation. S/NVQ and VRQ mapping grids are included for ease of use.

The companion CD-ROM, a new feature for this edition, includes 16 video clips highlighting key aspects of the industry and a Knowledge Quiz facility that enables students to test their knowledge of catering theory as they work through the book and their course, and prepare for examinations and assessment. The Resource Centre makes available all the photos and digital artwork, tables and charts from the book that students can drop into essays, reports and presentations, helping them to complete their coursework and enhance the quality and presentation of what they produce.

Part 1: The hospitality industry
  An overview of the UK and global hospitality industry
  Employment in the hospitality industry
Part 2: Trends and influences
  Food and society
Part 3: Food commodities, nutrition and science
  Food commodities
  Basic nutrition, food science, diet and health
Part 4: Planning, production and service
  Kitchen planning, equipment, service and energy conservation
  Production systems
  Menu planning, development and structure
  Food purchasing, storage and control
  An overview of food and beverage service
  Chemistry in the kitchen and product development
Part 5: Organisation and business development
  Managing resources
  Marketing, sales and customer care
Part 6: Legislation
  Health and safety
  Hygiene and food legislation
  Information and communication technology in the hospitality industry

About the Author(s):
Professor David Foskett MBE FHCIMA is a best-selling author and Catering Educator of the Year 2004. He is Associate Dean of the London School of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure at Thames Valley University.

Victor Ceserani MBE CPA MBA FHCIMA is the world-renowned co-author, with Ronald Kinton, of Practical Cookery. He was formerly Head of the School of Hotelkeeping and Catering at Ealing College of Higher Education (now Thames Valley University).


Hospitality and catering students on Level 2, 3 and 4 courses (NVQ, BTEC, AB certificates, foundation degrees)

This is 'Old Reliable'! A splendid book that is revised and updated regularly

Alasdair Goldsmith, Scottish Hotel School (about the 10th edition), 01/06/2003

An excellent new edition

T. Moore, Northampton College (about the 10th edition), 01/05/2003

Excellent course book - leader in the field

B Fruish, Blackburn College (about the 10th edition), 01/05/2003

An excellent standard course book for all hotel and catering students. Very good updated material

D Bird, Llandrillo College (about the 10th edition), 01/08/2003

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