Structural Mechanics, 6th edition
Loads, Analysis, Design & Materials

Edited by Frank Durka, et al.
November 2002
Longman / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-582-43165-4
368 Pages, Illustrated
$79.50 paper original

Structural Mechanics has become a classic text on the theory of structures and design methods of structural members. The book clearly and logically presents the subject's basic principles, keeping the mathematical content to its essential minimum. The sixth edition has been revised to take into account changes in standards, and clarifies the content with updated design examples and a new setting of the text.

The original simplicity of the mathematical treatment has been maintained, while more emphasis has been placed on the relevance of structural mechanics to the process of structural design, analysis, materials, and loads on buildings and structures according to the current British Standards and European codes of practice.

The initial chapters of the book deal with the concept of loads and their effects on structural materials and elements in terms of stress and strain. The significance of the shape of the cross-section of structural elements is then considered. The book finishes with the design of simple structural elements such as beams, columns, rafters, portal frames, dome frames and gravity retaining walls.

Key features: Emphasizes full understanding of the basic principles rather than mathematical agility. Provides more worked examples and solutions for structural elements and practical body design methods, with many new problems to enhance comprehension. Includes relevant tables, British Standards and European codes of practice for designing structural elements. Covers durability and stability of structures, including a full explanation of corrosion of steel bars in reinforced concrete elements. Covers BTEC Higher National Unit 8162E on structural mechanics.

Structural Mechanics is a core text for the BTEC structural mechanics unit for NC/D building studies and construction, HNC/D building and civil engineering studies, as well as first and second year degree courses in building, civil engineering, building surveying, surveying and architecture.

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