Brilliant New CLAIT 2006

By Jackie Sherman
November 2007
Pearson Education / Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780136157946
335 Pages, Illustrated, 7 1/2 x 9 1/4"
$42.50 paper original

This new textbook uses the successful and acclaimed Brilliant formula to deliver complete and comprehensive coverage of all eight modules offered in the New CLAIT 2006 course, and to help the student pass the OCR exams.

Aimed at the individual purchaser, this book delivers all of the background detail and coverage of the each module of the full syllabus, allowing a student to develop full knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the course, and will help them to identify any areas of weakness and thus to revise for and pass the exam

What you need to know and how to gain the qualification! Traditional training guides can be unwieldy and make it hard to get to the info you need right away! Brilliant New CLAIT 2006 allows you to find the information you need easily and without fuss and guides you through each task using a highly visual, step-by-step approach – providing everything you need to gain full understanding and practical knowledge of the subjects covered by the New CLAIT 2006 syllabus, and then to pass the New CLAIT tests – exactly when you need it!!

Brilliant guides provide you with the quick, easy-to-access information that you need

·         Detailed contents pages help you find exactly what you need to know

·         Easy steps guide you through each task or problem

·         Numerous screenshots illustrate each step

·         In-text boxes alert you to expert tips, tricks and advice

Comprehensively covering the latest version of the New CLAIT syllabus –

Brilliant New CLAIT 2006 - this easy-to-use and accessible book covers all units of the New CLAIT2006 syllabus, using the most popular business software – Microsoft Windows XP®; Microsoft Office XP®; and Internet Explorer 6®.

Brilliant New CLAIT 2006 will show you how to pass all of the units of the New CLAIT 2006 syllabus, including …

·        File Management and e-Document Production

·        Creating Spreadsheets and Graphs

·        Database Manipulation

·        Producing an e-Publication

·        Creating an e-Presentation

·        e-Image Creation

·        Web Page Creation

·        Online Communication



Unit 1 – File Management and e-Document Production

Unit 2 – Creating Spreadsheets and Graphs

Unit 3 – Database Manipulation

Unit 4 – Producing an e-Publication

Unit 5 – Creating an e-Presentation

Unit 6 – e-Image Creation

Unit 7 – Web Page Creation

Unit 8 – Online Communication



Jackie Sherman has been involved in teaching and assessing IT courses at further education colleges since 1996.  She also trains staff in an education department and writes courses for distance learning colleges.  Her on-line activities include being on the National Tutor Database for LearnDirect and answering IT questions for the YouCanDoIT column of  Jackie is both NewCLAIT and ECDL qualified and is the author of several successful IT books

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