Discourse & the Translator

By Basil Hatim & Ian Mason
May 1990
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582021901
272 pages
$77.50 Paper Original

Discourse and the Translator both incorporates and moves beyond previous studies of translation. Its logical and informative approach to the problems of translation ensures that it will be essential for all those who work with languages 'in contact'. Incorporating research in sociolinguistics, discourse studies, pragmatics and semiotics, the authors analyze the process and product of translation in their social contexts. Through this analysis, the book emphasizes the importance of the translator as a mediator between cultures.


General Editor's Preface Foreword Acknowledgements Standard Abbreviations 1. Issues and Debates in Translation Studies 2. Linguistics and Translators: Theory and Practice 3. Context in Translating: Register Analysis 4. Translating and Language as Discourse 5. Translating Text as Action: The Pragmatic Dimension of Context 6. Translating Texts as Signs: The Semiotic Dimension of Context 7. Intertextuality and Intentionality 8. Text Type as the Translator's Focus 9. Prose Designs: Text Structure in Translation 10. Discourse Texture 11. The Translator as Mediator Glossary of terms List of Texts Quoted Bibliography Index

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