Deep Song of Desire
A Story of Love in the Spanish Civil War

By John Scurr
July 2001
Book Guild, UK
ISBN: 1-85776-573-7
198 pages
$30.95 hardcover

It is 1936 and Spain is engaged in a bitter civil war. Captain Jaime Contreras Carvajel, decorated officer of the Spanish Foreign Legion, now 43 and serving with the Civil Guard, is manning a guard post in a pueblo near Seville. His young nephew Josť does not want to follow in Jaime's military footsteps, but family pressure forces him to join Jaime on this mission. Two lovely Andalusian girls, Rosario and Amalia, are assigned as their cook and maid. Both men fall in love. But these are cruel and divisive times. Amalia's parents have been killed by the Reds and Rosario's former lover is a leading fighter for the Red cause. The girls are rivals in love and on opposing sides. As their village becomes a battleground, their rivalry has tragic, unforeseen consequences.

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