Making of Ireland

Landscapes in Geology

By Michael Williams & David Harper
December 2003
Immel Publishing
ISBN: 1898162662
98 pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 10"
$29.50 Paper Original

Ireland contains some of the most impressive and unspoilt scenery in Western Europe. From the conical white quartzite mountains of Donegal in the north to the ragged clutching fingers of the Skellig Rocks in the south, the constant changes of light alter these vistas moment by moment. This country was forged on the anvil of time in a way which reflects the constantly changing patterns and configurations in the history of the planet. This is a book about the earth history of Ireland.

Written for people who have no prior knowledge, it brings the reader on an unforgettable journey through deep time, unfolding the Irish landscape from the distant past to the present day and explaining along the way all the basic geological principles required to fully understand the evolution of Ireland from disconnected fragments of the earth's crust. The authors demonstrate that by learning to read rocks along the trails described in the book, readers can discover for themselves the extraordinary set of circumstances that led to the making of Ireland.

Contents include: How to Create a Country, In the Beginning, The Birth and Death of an Ocean, The Rise and Fall of Mountains, Tropical Climates, The Atlantic Opens, The Ice Man Cometh, Trail Guides 1-6, Glossary, References.

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