Reef Animals of the Pacific Northwest

By Richard J. Rosenthal
December 1995
Immel Publishing & Vine House
ISBN: 090715154X
159 pages, illustrated
$41.95 paper original

Contents: Foreword. Introduction. Sponges. Sea Anemones and Jellyfishes. Marine Worms. Chitons. Nudibranchs. Marine Snails. Bivalves. Octopuses and Squids. Barnacles. Shrimps. Mysids. Stone and Hermit Crabs. True Crabs. Moss Animals. Sea Stars. Sea Cucumbers. Sea Urchins. Brittle and Feather Stars. Sea Squirts. Pacific herring. Sand lances. Salmon. Codfishes. Sablefishes. Tubesnouts. Surfperches. Clingfishes and gobies. Ronquils. Blennoid fishes. Scorpion fishes. Greelings. Sculpins. Flatfishes. Sea poachers. Snailfishes. Sea Otters, Sea Lions, Seals. Suggested Reading. Index.

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