Child Observation for Learning & Research

By Theodora Papatheodorou, et al.
February 2012
Longman / Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781405824675
200 Pages, Illustrated
$55.00 Paper original

Child Observation for Learning and Research is an exciting new text, providing a thorough grounding in the methodology, practice and interpretation of observing children.

The authors draw on their experience and expertise in childcare, education, social work and research to introduce the fundamental principles and process of observation, preparing you for your first observation and building knowledge and confidence through a wide range of scenarios and activities.

The book takes the unique approach of demonstrating how acquiring observational skills can serve as a key learning tool, not only helping you to understand children, but also to recognise, analyse and question theory, helping you make sense of your own learning.


Part 1: Thinking About and Planning for Child Observation
Chapter 1: Observation and Learning
Chapter 2: Child Observation - Historical Perspectives
Chapter 3: Methods of Observation
Chapter 4: Planning for Child Observation
Chapter 5: Ethical Implications of Child Observation
Chapter 6: Finding the Role of the Observer
Chapter 7: Participant and Non-Participant Observation
Part 2: Conducting and Interpreting Child Observation
Chapter 8: Conducting and Recording Narrative Observations
Chapter 9: Observation and the Reflective Process
Chapter 10: Analysis of Observation Records
Chapter 11: Interpretation of Child Observation
Chapter 12: Observation - a Research Tool
Chapter 13: Writing on Child Observations
Chapter 14: Observation in Childcare and Education
Chapter 15: Conclusion - The Power of Observation


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