After the Civil Wars

English Politics & Government
in the Reign of Charles II

By John Miller
November 2000
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582298989
328 pages, Illustrated, 4 ¼" x 8 ½"
$57.50 Paper Original


The first study of Restoration England from the point of view of both rulers and ruled, this volume offers a vital reappraisal of seventeenth century England.The civil wars had a traumatic effect on the English people: memories of bloodshed and destruction and the ultimate horror of the execution of Charles I continued to be invoked for decades afterwards.

It is often argued that the political and religious fissures created by the wars divided English society irrevocably, as demonstrated by the later bitter conflict between the Whig and Tory parties.

After the Civil Wars proposes instead that although there was political conflict, Charles II's reign was not a continuation of the divisions of the civil wars. Features Important new study of Restoration England. Reassesses the aftermath of the Civil Wars during the reign of Charles II. The first book to take account of the perspectives of both ordinary people and those in power.

"…fluent and convincing...significantly advancing our understanding..."English Historical Review "highly recommended for graduate as well as undergraduate studies of European as well as English History" Albion

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