Dying President & the Lying Doctor: The Fate of FDR

By Peter Carson
September 2012
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781846247484
155 pages
$36.50 Hardcover

On 12 April 1945, the United States’ 32nd President and greatest wartime leader, Franklin D. Roosevelt, died suddenly at his country retreat at Warm Springs, Georgia, only a short time after attending the historic Yalta Conference alongside Stalin and Churchill. He had had a stroke, probably due to a cerebral haemorrhage. Few have disputed that Roosevelt died of a stroke, but what caused the stroke has remained a medical mystery that has continued to perplex both historians and doctors to this day. Before the stroke it was apparent that he was very ill but the precise nature of this illness remains uncertain.

The medical secrecy that shrouded the President’s health during his final years in office and the strange disappearance of his medical records after his death have served only to compound the uncertainty, intrigue and debate. In this illuminating, level-headed study, British doctor Peter Carson re-visits and re-evaluates the evidence, drawing enlightening conclusions, and assesses the international ramifications of Roosevelt’s diagnosis and death. Carson’s study also shows that the problem of how to deal with ill leaders remains a matter of contemporary concern.


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