Uncharted Voyage
A Wartime Saga

By Gitta Ogg
July 2001
Book Guild, UK
ISBN: 1857765125
109 pages, illustrated
$25.95 hardcover

A moving true story of displacement, regeneration, and renewal, The Uncharted Voyage is a candid account of a childhood riven by war. At the outbreak of World War II, Gitta Ogg and her family were forced to flee from their native Czechoslovakia. Her father had realized that even their conversion from Judaism to Catholicism would not protect them against the persecution of the Nazis. Gitta and her mother joined him in Paris, but their new-found peace was short-lived, as the war forced them once again to flee, on a long and circuitous voyage which took them to Casablanca, Lisbon, Gibraltar, and finally to Liverpool and London. This remarkable book recounts all these events through young Gitta's eyes, making extensive use of two of her childhood diaries. It is a stirring testament to human endurance, and also a valuable historical record.

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