Presidency & Presidental Power, 2nd edition

By Anthony J. Bennett
April 2010
Hodder Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781444107791
109 pages, Illustrated
$32.50 Paper Original

Written by experienced teachers, authors and examiners, Advanced TopicMasters take students beyond the basic textbooks. Each title explores the key questions and debates surrounding the topic, helping students to identify, analyse, interpret and evaluatie the material presented. These skills are developed through a series of short, source-based tasks that appear in each chapter and are accompanied by guidance notes on how to tackle the questions.

Table of Contents:
What does anyone need to become president?
Why do presidents bother with the cabinet?
How can presidents win in Congress?
What happened to the imperial presidency?
What has changed in the presidency since the 1960s?
George W. Bush: success or failure?
What makes a good president?


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