Discreet Mathematics for Computing


By: Rod Haggarty
December 2001
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780201730470
248 Pages
$99.50 Paper original


This book is a short, concise introduction to key mathematical ideas for computing students which develops their understanding of discrete mathematics and its application in computing. The topics are presented in a well defined, logical order that build upon each other and are constantly reinforced by worked examples. Reliance on students' previous mathematical experience is kept to a minimum, though some basic algebraic manipulation is required.

This book is appropriate for CS and Math students in an undergraduate Discrete Math course. The content constitutes an accepted core of mathematics for computer scientists (for example, the formal methods used in computer science draw heavily on the discrete methematical concepts covered here, particularly logic, sets, relations and functions). Emphasis is placed on clear and careful explanations of basic ideas and on building confidence in developing mathematical competence through carefully selected exercises. All chapters conclude with short applications/case studies relevant to computing, which provide further motivation to engage with the mathematical ideas involved, and also demonstrate how the mathematics can be applied in a computing context. 


1. Introduction
2. Logic and Proof
3. Set Theory
4. Relations
5. Functions
6. Combinatorics
7. Graphs
8. Directed Graphs
9. Boolean Algebra
Application: Designing a 2-Bit Adder