Germany 1918-45
Hodder 20th Century History

By Richard Radway
June 2004
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9780340814772
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
64 pages, Illustrated
$32.50 Paper original

This new edition has been written to reflect the demands of the Modern World History GCSE specifications. Combining lively narrative with an excellent range of written and visual sources, the book also contains features that aid students in their understanding of the topic and development of study skills.

Table of Contents:
1. The Second Reich
2. The Treaty of Versailles
3. Revolutions
4. 1923 – Hyper-inflation
5. The Golden Years 1924-9
6. The Underlying Problems 1924-9
7. The Collapse of the Weimar Republic
8. The Nazi Party: The Early Years
9. The Munich Putsch
10. The Nazi Party: Growth
11. The Nazi Party: Victory
12. Removing Opposition
13. The Reichstag Fire
14. The Night of the Long Knives
15. The Hitler Myth
16. The Police State
17. Propaganda and Censorship
18. The Economy: Unemployment
19. The Economy: Autarky
20. Workers in Nazi Germany
21. Jews Before the Second World War
22. The Final Solution
23. The Treatment of the Minorities
24. The Role of Women in Nazi Germany
25. The Struggle with the Churches
26. Opposition to the Nazis
27. Young People in Nazi Germany
28. The Benefits of Nazi Rule?
29. The Fall of the Third Reich




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