Night Fighter World
Remembering My Time in the Royal Air Force, 1940-1946

By Peter L. Croft
October 2011
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846245800
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
73 pages
$22.50 Hardcover

Peter Croft always wanted to fly. So when he received his call-up papers in 1940, the RAF was his natural calling. Yet poor eyesight meant airborne service was little more than a pipe dream. That is, until serendipity came calling in the guise of a change in German battle strategy. Following Hitler's defeat in the Battle of Britain, outgunned in the air by Britain's day fighter squadrons, the Luftwaffe changed tack. Night bombing was the Fuhrer's deadly new tactic, catching the Air Force unaware and unprepared. Action was needed and needed fast. Squadrons of night fighters (including fully equipped radar crew) had to be trained and made operational double quick.

And so it was that Peter Croft ground radar operator found himself airborne at last. In six years of service, Peter flew numerous missions at home (patrolling and protecting Britain's coasts) and overseas in an operational tour of North Africa. During that time, on night fighter squadrons 255 and 68, he learned his trade and played his part in the sterling defence of his homeland. The Night Fighter World is a personal testament to the men (and their aeroplanes) who braved Europe's night skies during the darkest days of the twentieth century.

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